The Issue

38 Million

Number of primary going children in Africa.

1 in 5

Children of primary school age without access to education.


Percentage of primary school aged children without access to quality education through technology

ClassRoom Training

The learners are taken through the course to familiarize themselves with computer technologies

Technology Projects

The students undertake technological projects with available items and present to a team of external judges

Learner-Centered Educational Model

The educational model is aimed at providing technological and mentorship skills to students

Our Vision

To Equip and Empower Primary school children from less priviledged backgrounds with technology skills so that they can be able to create solutions for their communities .

  • To provide technological skills and mentorship opportunities to primary school students
  • To enable primary school students to undertake tech-camps and boot-camp programs
  • To organize and supervise career fairs to encourage more students to pursue technology related career fields
  • To promote a culture of research and problem solvingwith available items
  • To promote a world class economy powered by technology

Our Partners

Goverment of Kenya

Youth Engagement Society

C-Moore Media

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